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because some telepaths marry metal-benders

Daily domestic in the X-Men household


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#let me talk about first class for a moment. ok so you have your characters. you have erik lehnsherr who was a kid tortured that grew up to kill the man who murdered his mother; along the way he fell in love with charles xavier and everything was beautiful and nothing hurt, except in the end everything hurt. said charles xavier was emotionally abandoned by his mother, but he found someone who was like him, someone that could give him company. that someone was raven, and this characters grows up so much in this movie, she stops being a scared teenager to be finally a mutant fighting her own fight. every character in this movie gets their development in some way, even if it’s for the worse. you have the soundtrack, twenty beautiful masterpieces that make your ears cry with joy and that fit every scene perfectly. you have the dialogue; simple but that leaves you with /something/. ‘piece was never an option’, ‘mutant and proud’, ‘groovy’, accept it my friend, whether you love it or hate it, in some moment of your life you found yourself repeating a line of this movie. you have the special effects. AND OH THE SPECIAL EFFECTS. that submarine rising. shaw with his 893724 heads. JAMES MCAVOY’S EYES, BECAUSE THERE’S NO FUCKING WAY THAT KIND OF BLUE IS REAL. you have scenery porn; the mansion, michael fassbender in a robe, jennifer lawrence’s boobs. YOU HAVE YOUR GROOVY MUTANTIONS. telepathy, metal…bender…ness, shapeshifting (!!!!!!!!!!!!), energy-absorbing stuff, a tail to hold your lemonade while you’re on the computer. and then you have the ships. you have the beautiful heartbreaking love story of erik and charles, the brokeback mutants. you have the begginings of the always interesting relationship of erik and raven (the mean girls of the xmen world) (see: x-men the last stand for references). you have pigtail pulling at its best with hank and alex, you have MORE tragedy with alex and darwin, you have your stoner bros, alex and sean, and you even have your bit of bondage with erik and emma. and then you have the cast. did i mention MICHAEL FASSBENDER IN A ROBE? did i mention JAMES MCAVOY’S EYES? (and accent) (!!!!!), did i mention jennifer lawrence’s BOOBS? (and january jones’) (!!!!!!!!). you dont like brunettes? fine, we have your blonde beauty, lucas till. you want redheads? fine, here have caleb landry jones. you like older men? by all means, feel free to stare at kevin bacon. you like ‘em with full lips? i’m sure you’ll enjoy nicholas hoult. and now for real every single actor here is so talented and HAVE YOU SEEN THE VIDEO WITH THEIR BEDHEADS?! attractive cast is attractive. and last but not any less important, you have THE FANDOM. here have a seat. enjoy the first class fest because we came here to STAY. fighting it was never an option.

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Hahaha, oh Charles. xD

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“You’ve never looked more beautiful, darling”

- Deleted Scene in X-men First Class (x)

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